Disclosing loans just got easier with Carrington

November 1, 2019rashtonBulletin, News

In an effort to make disclosing loans easier and faster, Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC will begin providing State Specific Disclosures as part of the lender disclosure package for all loans disclosed on or after November 1, 2019.

Disclosure packages will be available in brokerIQ where you can download the disclosures to meet signature requirements. It is not required to have the Broker and borrower sign the same form.

At this time this process update excludes: Advance Fee Agreements, Mortgage Broker Agreements, Dual Capacity Disclosures, and the Anti-Steering Disclosure. These disclosures will need to be supported as required.

To facilitate this change, we have created a resource which outlines the required disclosures for each state, and what is supported with the new process.