Lock Extension Automation

November 6, 2019rashtonBulletin, News


Carrington Mortgage Services, LLC (CMS) is pleased to announce the Lock Desk has re-enabled the Auto-lock functionality. Effective immediately on Wholesale files, all rate lock extensions no longer require a written email request to be sent to the Lock Desk.  Broker Loan Officers now have the ability to submit Lock Extension requests directly in BrokerIQ.  This enhancement automatically approves the extension request with any pricing change for the extension fee. All existing Wholesale Rate Lock policies still apply.

Please note: Already processed manual lock extensions can only be processed through the Lock Desk. To extend a lock that has already been manually extended brokers should email the lock desk at lockdesk@carringtonms.com.


Refer to the Auto Lock Extension Guide on the BrokerIQ Training Center page for step by step instruction for Broker Loan Officers regarding how to process Auto Lock Extension requests through BrokerIQ.

Refer to the Wholesale Rate Lock Policy for detailed information on pricing and rate locks.