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This is not an all-inclusive list.  We will add to it as more items come to our attention.
Tips to make the loan process work smoother:


NEW TWO Step Submission Process

Step 1Within 2 days of taking the application the you must submit their disclosure request to LSU for the LE and Intent to Proceed to be generated.

Step 2 
The remainder of the submission package – Signed LE and Intent, Income, Assets, Title, Appraisal –etc…… must be submitted to LSU for the file to be sent in to UW. Follow the applicable submission check list for the product you are originating.

General Tips

  • Quickly submit the submission package as soon as the LE is disclosed.
  • Reminder that ALL borrowers must E-sign or Wet sign the LE and CMS Intent to Proceed.
  • Once the LE is disclosed the LE and CMS Intent to proceed are available to the broker in the Pipeline Manager Loan Details.

Take a tour of our TRID Resource Center.