Reminder – If you have DU/LP and application dated prior to 3/1/2021 then we can still accept the old URLA.

March 9, 2021rashtonBulletin


As a reminder, effective Monday, March 1, 2021, applications dated on or after 3/1/2021 require the new Uniform Residential Loan Application (URLA).

For applications dated prior to 3/1/2021, if there is no AUS dated prior to 3/1/2021, then the loan must use the new URLA as well since DU/LP will not issue AUS results using the old URLA format.  The case ID must have been issued prior to 3/1/2021 to allow the old URLA format.  Manually underwritten files only require that the application date be prior to 3/1/2021 to use the old URLA format.


Please contact your Account Executive or Account Manager with any questions.

Carrington thanks you for your business.