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Carrington’s Recent Webinars

Up-Level Your BrokerIQ Efficiency

Get a jump on the competition by learning how Carrington’s expertise in manual underwriting could mean even more business for you. We will also cover recent changes to FHA Guidelines that you need to be aware of.

During this webinar we will cover:

– Recent changes to FHA Guidelines that you need to be aware of
– What factors in the file can trigger a downgrade to Manual Underwrite
– What Non-Traditional Credit options are available for borrowers without a credit score
– What are Compensating Factors, and how can they help with a higher DTI
– Parameters for working with derogatory credit events
– Submitting the best possible file for fewer conditions the first time through

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FHA Manual Underwriting: Credit Fundamentals

In this webinar, you will learn everything you need to know to fund more loans, in less time, by navigating our system with total confidence. From pricing loans with Advantage iQual, to submitting conditions, to closing loans; Broker IQ 101 will prepare you to take 2020 by storm.

At the end of this webinar, you will:
– See and experience how EASY it is to submit a loan to Carrington through Broker IQ.
– Be able to successfully and quickly upload conditions to Broker IQ.
– Be able to price a loan in the engine through Advantage iQual.

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