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We value our customers so we value the tools that we provide them. Below you will find links to our main support areas so that you can quickly find the information and answers you need in order to get your loans closed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Let your Account Executive know if there are any tools or features you would like added as part of our service offering. Thank you for your business!

Delivering for your Success

Originators are only as good as their Lenders. That is why Carrington Mortgage Services is dedicated to providing the very best in our specialized area of expertise of the lending process…underserved markets.


Having lenders that can handle specialized loan products for each of your customer segments is paramount to the success of your business. Carrington Mortgage Services is constantly strengthening the relationships with our investors to ensure the most competitive price possible. We are also constantly striving for new and cutting edge products to serve underserved markets; using all of the resources necessary in order to ensure that we always have a solution for borrowers that other lenders overlook.


At Carrington Mortgage Services, we aim for competitive perfection. A competitive price can be the difference between getting the loan on the first call and frustration. Combined with select products that emphasize our competitive advantage in serving underserved markets, and unsurpassed service, Carrington Mortgage Services’ pricing is some of the most competitive in the industry.


Any speed bumps in the lending process can cost you or your borrower hundreds to thousands of dollars. We constantly tweak and improve our entire loan process from submission to funding to ensure a smooth and consistent loan flow, no matter what type of scenario may arise. We are always there, at your service, to deliver results on every single loan.

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Below is a sample of some the services that we offer on our website. Click through to find out more about how to submit loans, talk to an underwriter, lock loans with CASH, or find a member of our sales team.

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